Thursday, October 1, 2009

5th Anniversary of Going Raw + 1st day of 31-Day Challenge

I inadvertently came across a "Before and After Photos" document that I had put together when I went raw the first time. What I didn't realize was that today is actually the 5th anniversary of the first time I started my raw journey! TODAY!! And here I am starting a 31-day Raw Challenge on my anniversary! What a coincidence!

DAY 1 went very well. This is what I had today.

Breakfast: GRAWnola and Raw Almond Milk

Mid Morning: Orange and 1/2 bottle of alkaline water

Lunch: Green Smoothie (Spinach, banana, strawberries, grapes, 1 TBSP of coconut oil, scoop of Hemp Protein powder)

Afternoon: Orange, 1/4 of a round watermelon, 1/2 bottle of alkaline water

Dinner: House Salad at some tavern we ate at (plus I brought along a Ziplock of sunflower seeds, broccoli flourets, and green olives that I dumped on my salad). Water with LOTS of lemon!! When we got home I had some Almond Brownie Bites and some more water.

As I was sitting there munching on my yummy salad, the server comes by and plops down a platter of fried mushrooms. They smelled SOOOO good! But no worries, I sent them on down the table. Then the guy who is sitting ot my left gets his dinner of cheeseburger (YUCK!) and fries. I *LOVE* fries!! My husband is sitting to my left and his dinner arrives - chicken cordon bleu and seasoned fries! Oh no!! I'm surrounded by french fries. They remind me of the commercial with the pink furry dude, "Hunger". They keep staring at me. BUT I did great! Didn't even have one! Wooohooo!! I'm so proud of myself because fries are really hard for me to resist. Any potatoe, for that matter, is tough for me to resist - oh, except RAW potatoes. Blech.

Overall it was a great day! We're off to a good start.

(This entry was originally a lot longer, but when I attempted to publish it, Blogger gave me an error message and I lost everything. Bummer. Sometimes I abhor computers!)

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