Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 20 - Stevia - a Healthy Sweetner

Stevia is a natural sweetener and I just so happen to have a Stevia plant, so I decided to save a few branches to make some Stevia powder. This is what's left of my plant. It grew beautifully this summer and was quite full.

I cut a few branches and hung them to dry. Once they were thoroughly dried out, I put them into my coffee grinder and blended the leaves to powder. I forgot to take a photo of the dried out branches, so I stopped grinding long enough to take a picture with a leave still intact. lol.

I wish I would have thought of this at the beginning of the summer as I would have a lot more, but this is what two branches of a Stevia plant produced. But this is sufficient to get me through the winter and spring because you don't need much at all. A dash will do ya! lol.

Also, I've read that Stevia is apparently safe for diabetics, unlike its chemical sweetener counterparts (Splenda, Aspartame) and other synthetic sweeteners.

Okay, on to my raw food consumption for the day. I can't believe it's Day 20 already! Wow, that sure has gone by fast and I'm tickled that I'm doing so well.

Breakfast: Smoothie of Almond Milk, Banana, Kale, Agave

Mid morning: Large glass of fresh squeezed Grapefruit Juice

Lunch: Smoothie of Kale, Banana, Strawberries, Oranges, Water and scoop of Wheat Grass

Afternoon: Buchwheat bars, Goji Berries, Bottle water

Dinner: Salad


  1. I have never tried stevia this way before. Where did you get the plant?? Did you buy the seeds and grow it yourself. I love it Vicky!
    Terri Jyl ~ XOXO

  2. Hey Teri,
    I found the plant at a Home Depot garden center! I was shocked but curious. I'm pretty sure it's NOT organic but what they heck. I tasted a leaf and was blown over by it's sweetness. So, I brought it home, planted it, and started using leaves in my smoothies. Then, as the end of summer started to approach, I clipped a few branches and hung them to dry. The rest, my dear, is history!! LOL! =)