Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 8 - Eating to Live... Roaches anyone?

I've made the transition from "Living to Eat" to "Eating to Live." I have no desire for cooked food. Yay! I've decided not to worry about how much I consume each day, but instead just listen to what my body wants and enjoy what I eat.

Today's consumption:

Smoothie of Spinach, Pineapple, Coconut Water and Wheat Grass Powder
Cheesy Kale Chips
Salad of Romaine, Radishes, Cucumber, Tomato, Red Cabbage, Green Onions, Mushrooms, Carrots, and Sunflower Seeds.
Energy Flat Bread with Raw Rich Cheddar Cheese
Liter of Alkaline Water
My favorite snack: Almond Buttered Roaches on Bananas

I love dates, but I especially enjoy people's reaction to them. My kids refused to eat them because they said they looked like roaches. I always responded that they were the best tasting roaches I could imagine eating.

While I was making this snack today, my sweet hubby came over, looked and said, "WHAT is that?!" I laughed and said, "Almond-covered Bananas with Roaches. Wanna try one?" He turned, shivered and walked away shaking his head."

I must say that they definitely look more appetizing when I chop up the dates rather than slice them lenghtwise.

In preparation for our trip this weekend, I made some Glazed Sweet Potato Chips. If the weather holds out, we'll be taking the bike so I need to come up with some "travel meals" that will fit in a saddle bag. We'll be out in the boondocks where there are no restaurants within a reasonable distance, so running out to Mickey D's for a salad won't be an option. This is going to be interesting!

The Glazed Sweet Potato Chips are so easy to make, just use a mandolin to slice up your peeled sweet potatoes. Then mix equal parts of Raw Almond Butter and Honey and spread on the chips. Dehydrate at 105° till the chips are curled up on the edges. They won't be crisp due to the glaze on them. They'll be soft and chewy. Then enjoy!

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