Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 10 - OH NOOOOO!!!!

The day started out early. We got up at 6am... UGH. We loaded up the bike and headed to our meeting point. I packed up a cooler full of raw food to get me through the weekend. I drank a green smoothie throughout the ride until we got to NC.

While unloading the food into the fridge in our room, I munched on watermelon. Then the group decided to go for lunch ... at a Mexican restaurant. YUCK! They had a spinach salad on the menu that looked promising, so I asked if I could get that without the dead stuff on it [I didn't say it exactly like that. lol.] and they said yes. So far so good. But, then I asked what type of dressings they had. Ranch was it. OHHHH NOOOO!!! I decided not to eat and instead watched everyone stuff their faces with all that nasty gross food oozing with chese.

When we got back to the Inn, I pulled out the salad mix that I brought with me and added some cucumber and chopped tomatoes, and ate my lunch in our room. I also had a couple of pieces of Energy Flat Bread and raw Rich Cheddar Cheese.

For dinner, the group had burgers and hot dogs with baked beans that had ground beef in it, as well as pasta salad, and tons of decadent sweets. I sat in the picnic area while they got the fire going and when everyone started to eat, I meandered back to our room and made myself a bowl of whole oats and Tropical Rawgurt that I didn't eat for breakfast. I also had a few pieces of Buckwheat bars and an apple. I was supposed to bring a bag of BBQ chips back to my hubby, but before I did ... I ate a handful! I can't believe, after being 100% raw for 10 days, that I actually caved in. To BBQ chips, no less!

When we got back to the room for the night, I tried to make up for it by munching on celery and carrots.

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