Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunshine on an otherwise Dreary Day!

I had a delightful afternoon despite the dreay weather. Nature's Corner Market in Marietta offered an "Intro to Raw Foods" class presented by Sunshine Boatright, Holistic Autism Consultant and Advocate who helps families that have children with autism and ADHD.

I wish I had brought my camera as there was a really nice turnout, we had a great time and we got to enjoy some awesome treats. Although I have been raw for almost three years, there were several things that I did not have the inclination to try, such as "Almond Mylk." Well, today I had an opportunity to try it and man-oh-man, was it delicious ... and SO EASY to make too! I'm thrilled, because now when I have my raw oatmeal, I can use almond mylk instead of apple juice. I also learned how to easily open a young coconut. In the past, I've always purchased the brown "hairy" ones and what a challenge to open. With my new found knowledge, I came home with two young coconuts and I'm eager to make my almond mylk and superfood shake! :D

We also got to watch Sunshine make (and then we got to sample) a Banana-Split Chocolate Shake, a Green Smoothie (which I have often, but it was nice to have someone else make it for a change), and a Superfood Shake which was out of this world! And finally, to top it off, Sunshine treated us to her raw truffles ... to die for!!

It was great to meet her and I am so looking forward to future events.

Speaking of raw oatmeal, I enjoyed a fabulous raw breakfast yesterday which consisted of raw oatmeal and a green smoothie.

The Smoothie is Kale and Pineapple with a little bit of water. The oatmeal consists of uncooked whole oats, walnut, sunflower seeds, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, golden raisins and apple juice. YUMMM!!

Okay gotta go make my Almond Mylk now. I was so excited about the class that I wanted to blog about it.

To life!!!

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  1. Hope you don't mind, but I just Tweeted this blog post. ;) I had a GREAT time meeting you in class yesterday & can't wait to get together again! :D

    With love,
    Sunshine :D