Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 2 of Fast - Confirmation!

"Perhaps it is a good thing that medicine and nature never got together - nature could have very easily suffered the many dangerous side effects."

That quote is on the second page of a very special booklet I found today. How true it is.

I'm SO EXCITED!! On my trip to Huntsville today to see my chiropractor, my sister and I decided to stop at Unclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro. I walked over to the book area and started perusing through the books in the Health/Diet section. I noticed two books that had a small space between them and wondered what was in between. What I drew out was a small yellow booklet, dated 1976, titled "The Master Cleanser" and it was by Stanley Burroughs! I about fell off my feet. Now WHAT are the odds of me finding this booklet buried between two large books amongst the thousands of books in less than 3 minutes!! I was obviously meant to have it and it was confirmation that I am doing the right thing being on this fast or cleanse. My prize find cost me a buck. Wooohooo!!

This find has really fired up my motivation to see this fast through to the end. I've never done a 10-day fast before. Many years ago, I did a 2-day grapefruit fast but that was the only other fast I’ve ever done. I so miss the way I felt when I was raw and look forward to getting back to that ALIVE feeling. Cleansing first is like reformatting your hard drive and reinstalling all your software, getting rid of all the corrupt files and viruses. Afterward, your computer runs great! Well, similarly, by cleansing my body first and then eating a live food diet, I will feel great again.

During the time I reverted back to eating cooked food, I always felt guilty when I ate, partly because I knew what it was doing to my body and partly because I knew what it would do to my health if I continued. I was afraid of becoming addicted to fake food again. I tried to convince myself that by having green smoothies everyday, and eating lots of salads, it was okay to consume macaroni and cheese with chicken dogs, potato chips and French onion dip, spaghetti and meat sauce (made with ground turkey) or my all time favorite – Buffalo wings and French fries. When I started to experience trouble swallowing my food, I knew I was already in the danger zone as the cooked foods were already taking their toll on my body. I’m not one to frequent the doctor and when my husband kept saying, “You need to make an appointment to see a doctor” I decided to start with a fast. If after the fast and resuming a raw food diet, I still have problems swallowing, then I’ll consider going to the doctor, but only as a last resort.

So far, I've consumed 40 ounces of lemonade. I feel good and have not felt hungry yet! I still had my headache this morning, but after my chiropractic adjustment, it's gone! Yeeeeha!! I have another 20 ounces of lemonade to go for today. I think I’ll go make up my last batch and go read my new little booklet.

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