Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 7 - 10 Pounds Gone!

Had to "rise and shine" by 6am today in order to attend a Women's Conference. They did not allow drinks or food in the auditorium, so that was a challenge. My stomach and intestines were carrying on big time and I couldn't drink to settle either one down. Not fun. I haven't felt very good today ... not sure if that's because I went to bed after 1AM and woke up five hours later, or if it's due to the lack of fluids all morning. I guess it could be a combination of both.

Overall, this fast has been a lot easier than I originally anticipated. You really need to have the right mindset when you start. I had considered doing the fast for about a year, but just wasn't ready. I started early in December but didn't last long. Way too much temptation, plus I obviously wasn't ready. I was definitely ready this time, because a couple of days ago, my step-daughter made chocolate chip cookies. She left some of the cookie dough in the front of the fridge so that every time I went to get my maple syrup, those little squares of cookie dough were staring me in the face. No problemo. I had no desire. THAT is why I knew I was ready. Even though the scent of chocolate chip cookies permeated the house, I was okay with it. Yay!

It really blows my mind every time I think about the fact that I have gone without food for seven days. Surprisingly, I haven't missed food or been hungry; however, today I was missing my Cafe Mocha for the first time. Oh, and I miss chewing. Just a few more days, and then I get to drink fresh squeezed orange juice for one whole day before I can start introducing whole foods back into my diet. For now, I think I'll hit the sack and try to make up some lost sleep.

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