Sunday, March 1, 2009

What's a Mother to do?!!

The first thing I did this morning when I woke up was haul butt into the kitchen and make almond mylk. Couldn't do it last night because I had to soak my almonds overnight! The almond mylk kinda reminded me of a mellow eggnog.

Then I made the Superfood shake that tastes like an incredibly delicious chocolate shake that Sunshine showed us yesterday, but I added some coconut cream and it was outstanding. I ran into the bathroom and brought my hubby a glass of mylk and he said it was interesting. Then I came back with the shake and he slurped it up and wanted more! Then I ran upstairs and woke my stepdaughter up and told her she just HAD to try it. She LOVED IT!!

The good news is ... I got a lot of running in this morning before church!

This evening I spent several hours in the kitchen preparing the following raw dishes:

~ Ani's Zucchini Ribbons with Raw Tomato Marinara
~ Rich Cheesy Cheddar (to put on the Sun-Dried ~ Tomato Flax Crackers I made last week)
~ Ani's All-American Apple Pie

Hubby ate the Zucchini and Marinara, kinda liked it, said it "wasn't bad" but would have preferred if he could have heated it up.

My stepson said it was really good but also wished he could heat it up. He nuked his second plate and decided that wasn't a good idea and fed the second plate of food to the dog - who loved it!

My stepdaughter said it was tasty and ate most of it.

Then, my husband came in the kitchen and poured himself a bowl of Cocoa Dino Bites!

Then my step son came in and poured himself a bowl of Cocoa Dino Bites, but went a step further and added Hershey's Chocolate Syrup!!! Can you believe it?!! UGH! I caught him in the act!!

Then my stepdaughter came in and made herself a Fried Egg Sandwich with Fried Ham and Processed Cheese!! As you can see in the photo, the leftover Zucchini Ribbons and Marinara are at the back of the stove. Oh, what's a mother to do?!?!

The apple pie was a much bigger hit than the main course. Sorry I didn't get a photo before we dug into it, but this is what was left. It was quite scrumptious.

Hubby gave it a "thumbs up". My stepson loved the "crust" but again, wished he could have heated it up. Unfortunatley, my dehydrator is round, so I can't put a dish into it due to the center post. I guess I could have put it into the oven for a few minutes on the lowest temperature, but I'm cool with eating cold food (no pun intended). I learned how to appreciate cold food when my boys were babies. HA!

I STILL haven't made the pizza for which I sprouted the buckwheat, but I did dehydrate the buckwheat and it's in the fridge in a glass jar so is should be okay. I'll probably get to that this week.

I'm off to bed ... I have a big day tomorrow ... oops, I mean LATER!! It's ALREADY tomorrow! OH NO!!


  1. Lol, My family tries a few of my raw creations, but for the most part I have just tried to get them to eat more raw fruits and veggies than normal. It is tough, but I am sure over time we can win them over!! Hee hee. I have nominated you for an award. Go to my page to see what it is about.
    Have a Great Day!

  2. Great blog title, catchy....that’s what brought me here...and your post are interesting too. Great job!

  3. It can be so hard to get the kids in line with RAw. I have 4 and it is a work in progress. I could only imagine how hard it would be to have them be older[my oldest is12]. I feel blessed that they are completely okay with there being no meat in the house. Now I am working on the dairy=-)


  4. Thanks Beauty. I'm happy if they atleast try the raw dishes with an open mind. My stepkids are way more open to raw than my own kids were. Oh well, I tried.

    Homeopath - Thanks!I'm glad you enjoy my posts. Appreciate it.

    Hi Sweetie - And I've only been in their lives for a year and a half, so I'm pleased that they humor me! LOL! A single mom of FOUR! Bless your heart. I don't know where you find the time to blog!! Good luck with the dairy. :)

  5. I seem to be stumbling upon more and more blogs devoted to raw food. I'm not entirely convinced but I am cautiously intrigued.