Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 3 of Fast - Still Sailing Along

I'm amazed that I have gone three days without a bit of solid food. This morning, I weighed myself when I woke up and I had already lost 5 pounds! I have felt a bit weak today with a rapid heartbeat, but according to my handy dandy newly found booklet, "If weakness develops at any time, it is the result of poisons circulating through the blood stream." So, I went out and bought a box of Herbal Laxative Tea as recommended in Stanley Burrough's booklet to assist with elimination. Another reason this booklet was a good find.

I managed to consume a total of 50 ounces of lemonade yesterday and I'm working on my last few ounces for a total of 70 today!

I learned something new about honey. Stanley Burrough's says that "Honey must not be used at any time internally." Wow! That statement certainly raised my curiosity. Apparently, it has detrimental effects on the human body and is deficient in calcium because bees pick the nectar from flowers, then predigest it, vomit it, and store it but add a preservative to it in the process. By being predigested, the honey enters the bloodstream directly, thereby spiking the blood sugar to a dangerous level. The pancreas then kicks in to immediately produce insulin in order to regulate the sugar level and prevent the possibility of death! What's more frightening is that the pancreas could produce more insulin than necessary, thereby causing the blood sugar level to crash, which could cause one to faint or even die if the level gets to low!

All this time, I thought honey was good for you. Stanley says, "The great value attributed to honey is delusive ... honey is only a little less empty and more dangerous than sugar!" If you use honey regularly, it can cause imbalances that will negatively affect the normal function of the spleen, liver and pancreas which could result in hypo- and hyperglycemia. The good news is that maple syrup has balanced sugars and is safe with no harmful side effects.

Okay, that's my golden nugget for today. No more sugar and honey for me. Maple syrup, it is!!

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