Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Spiritual and Mental Healing Through Fasting

If you spend any time on the internet – formerly known as the information super highway – you will quickly find yourself run over by information overload, especially in these tumultuous times with all the woes and scandals.

When I fast, I not only take a break from food, I also greatly limit the amount of time I spend feeding on internet news to feeding on God’s Word, praying and praising. By feeding my body with fresh juices, I nourish my body with life-giving nutrients and enzymes. By feeding my spirit with God’s word, I nourish my spirit with life-giving spiritual sustenance.

When my hunger for a more intimate and deeper relationship with God exceeds my hunger for food, it’s time to fast. Fasting unclogs the spirit from all the “static” of life enabling one a clear channel to spiritual awareness and hearing God’s voice.

Sometimes I get all caught up in the craziness of life and neglect my time with the Lord, but by redirecting my focus off food and the internet to spending time in meditation, prayer and reading the Word, my mind becomes sharp, I think more clearly, I’m calmer and more focused, I have an inner peace and enhanced spiritual connection. Fasting rejuvenates my mind, cleanses and heals my body, and recharges my spirit!

Fasting is like rebooting your immune system and enhancing the memory in your laptop and walking on water! Everyone should try it!  Even if just for one day.  Some people fast from everything except water.  Other fast from specific foods, like sugar.  This past summer I fasted by consuming just water the first day, the second day I added a slice of lemon or lime and a tsp of maple syrup to the water to give me energy, the third day, I had fresh juices.  It can be a simple 1-day fast or a moderate 3-day fast or a 21-day juice fast.  Whatever you choose will only promote health and healing.

“The best of all medicines is resting and fasting”
Benjamin Franklin 

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