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Benefits of Grapes

Wow.  Not sure what happened but this post was completed in March of 2011 and I just now (1.4.2013!!) realized it was never posted!  Since it's complete and contains valuable information, I'm posting it ...  a wee bit late.  As they say, Better late than never!  Happy New Year!
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Since spring is only three weeks away, I thought I'd do some spring cleaning. I started a 30-day juice fast on the first of March and I've been cruising along nicely. My Naturopathic Doctor told me that I could have all the grapes I want during my fast. I thought that was rather odd, so I searched online for the benefits of grapes and was amazed at what I learned. Learning is such a wonderful thing!

I had no idea that grapes had so many health benefits. There were two items in particular that stood out to me when I read the list… asthma and cataracts.

One of the side effects of taking inhalant steroids to control asthma - which I've been on for a number of years for that very reason - is cataracts. While I am trying to wean myself off of them and only take the steroids two times a week, it doesn't help my vision any when I have steroid-induced cataracts. The reason I went to my ND was to get his help in devising a plan to get me off the steroids for good, and to help me reverse the cataracts. So that was exciting to discover.

I found the following information at OrganiFacts.Net What a great site! Check it out.

Grapes can be beneficial for the following:

Asthma: Due to its eminent therapeutic value, grapes can be used for cure of asthma. In addition to it, the assimilatory power of grapes is also higher. It increases the moisture present in lungs.
Heart diseases: Grapes increase the nitric oxide levels in the blood, which prevents blood clots thereby reducing the chances of heart attacks. In addition the antioxidant present in grapes prevents the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, which blocks the blood vessels.
Migraine: Ripe grape juice is an important home remedy for curing migraine. It should be taken early in the morning, without mixing additional water
Constipation: Grapes are very effective in overcoming constipation. They are considered as a laxative food, as they contain organic acid, sugar and cellulose. They also relieve chronic constipation by toning up intestine and stomach.
Indigestion: Grapes play an important role in dyspepsia. They relieve heat and cure indigestion and irritation of the stomach. They are also preferred as they constitute a light food.
Fatigue: Light and white grape juice replenishes the iron content present in the body and prevents fatigue. Though, the dark grape juice might not give an iron boost and on the other hand, decrease the iron levels. Drinking grape juice also provides you with instant energy. The anti-oxidants present in grapes also provide the needed boost to your immune system.
Kidney disorders: Grapes can substantially reduce the acidity of the uric acid and helps in the elimination of the acid from the system, thereby reducing the work pressure of kidneys
• Breast cancer: Through a latest study, it has been discovered that purple colored Concord grape juice helps in preventing breast cancer. Significant reduction in mammary tumor mass of laboratory rats was seen after they were fed the grape juice on the experimental basis.
• Alzheimer’s disease: Resveratrol, a beneficial polyphenol present in grapes reduces the levels of amyloidal-beta peptides in patients with Alzheimer's disease. Studies suggest that grapes can enhance brain health and stall the onset of neurodegenerative diseases.
• Macular degeneration: Grapes can prevent the age related loss of vision or macular degeneration. Three servings of grapes a day can reduce the risks of macular degeneration by over 36 %.
• Prevents cataract: Flavonoids present in grapes have antioxidants, which can reduce and fight the damage caused by free radicals such as cataract apart from cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and age related problems.
• Blood cholesterol: Grapes contain a compound called pterostilbene, which has the capacity to bring down cholesterol level. Saponins present in grape skin can also prevent the absorption of cholesterol by binding with it.
• Antibacterial activity: Red grapes have strong antibacterial and antiviral properties and can protect you from infections. They have a strong antiviral property against poliovirus and herpes simplex virus.
• Anticancer properties: Grapes are found to have strong anti cancer properties due to the anti-inflammatory effect of resveratrol present in grapes. It is particularly effective in colorectal cancer and breast cancer. Anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins present in grapes have properties of an anti-proliferate and can inhibit the growth of cancer causing agents. Grape juice not just prevents the risk of cancer but also suppresses the growth and propagation of cancer cells. The pigments contained in grapes enhance the overall immunity of the body.

Alrighty then ... I’m off to eat some grapes!  Maybe juice some up too.

UPDATE: As of March 2012, I no longer have cataracts *AND* the last time I had Advair was 2/28/2011!! WOOOHOOO!!

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