Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thinking GREEN for TJyl

This post is dedicated to my dear friend TJyl over at because she is so into GREEN!!

I started making a salad and realized everything at that point was all green, so I decided to go with the flow. She'll be SO proud of me.

My salad consists of:

A bed of romaine
Alfalfa sprouts
broccoli florets
cucumbers slices
1/2 an avocado
slices of spring onions
grated zucchini
a sprig of parsley

Okay, so much for the salad. Now what about a green dressing? I did a Google search for a raw green salad dressing and at the top of the list of results was this video by the LifeRegenerator. I adapted his dressing and came up with the following:

Pearly Green Dressing
1 orange
1 pear
1/2 avocado
1 tsp of fennel
Blended it all in the VitaPrep and voila!

Unlike TJyl, who does a phenomenal job of setting up her raw food photos in a professional-looking photo shoot, I just slap the greens on a paper plate and snap a shot! I do aspire to be as creative and talented as TJyl, but for now, my lovely paper plates will have to do! lol.


  1. Wow Vicky I am impressed with all the green you have. Even the salad dressing sounds rawesome !! I want you to know your blog was the first one I saw in search for raw foods.I have read your posts on your raw food jouney and could relate to you so much. You have been my inspiration and encourement over the months. I am very touched that you dedicated this post to me. May this green salad be the first of many green creations to come from here on out !!
    Much Love Terri !!

  2. LOL. Thanks Terri. YOUR blog and your photos are an inspiration and I'm proud of all you've accomplished already. You go girl!! <3