Monday, November 9, 2009

Stuffed Mushrooms & Brownies ... Yummm!

I'm so excited. I went to a ladies retreat this weekend with my church family, but since they did not serve "raw" food, I had to bring my own. I tried to keep it simple, so I made some simple stuffed mushrooms by pulsing red pepper, cauliflower and some onion in my Jr. Chopper. Then I scooped out the center of my mushroom and layered spinach on the bottom of the mushroom. I added a spoonful of the chopped veggies, placed a few alfalfa sprouts on top and then drizzled some Balsamic Vinegarette on top. YUMMMM!!! Everyone asked me what I was eating and said it looked delicious. It was!!

For dessert, I found a recipe for brownies and revised it to use almond pulp. My stepson's comment while eating them, "This is ridiculous! These taste like the real thing. Raw food shouldn't taste this good." HA ha! Yay! Success!!


  1. Hey thanks for the tip (I COULD NOT FIND YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS) where do I find Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut food store?
    Big Al