Monday, November 30, 2009

I Hit a Pothole!

Or should I say SINK HOLE!!!

Sometimes on the roads of life, we hit a pothole. Thanksgiving was a sink hole on my road to rawesome health ... and it took me four days to crawl out.

It started out with good intentions but ...

We had a delicious organic, free-range turkey, two versions of yummy dressing, creamy mashed potatoes, scrumptious sweet potato and orange casserole, fresh green bean casserole, cranberry sauce ... and it was all ohhhh so good.

Then there was dessert, but my demise came with this Ice Cream Casserole:

Our dear neighbor - bless his heart - brought this sinfully delicious dish over. It was layered with ice cream sandwiches, caramel, Butterfingers and Reese's Peanut Butter cups. For someone who has been 98% raw for almost two months, this was like injecting a shot of heroine. SO MUCH SUGAR!!! And the DAIRY!! UGH!!

Well, I started out this morning back on the healing path with this delectable green healing tonic which consists of:

Romaine - handful
Spinach - handful
Parsley - small bunch
Celery - two stalks
Cucumber - half
Mint - small bunch
Green apple - 1
Fuji apple - 1
Carrot stick - 1
Clove of garlic - 1 sm
Ginger - sliver

An example of how detrimental cooked food is for the body, after one day of eating cooked food, I woke up with a food hangover. After two days of eating cooked food I started sneezing, eyes started itching, I started to get congested and my energy level tanked. After four days of eating cooked, my lungs started aching, I began wheezing and coughing up mucus. My vision has deteriorated considerably. I couldn't even drag myself out of bed this morning to go to the gym.

My plan is to fast on green juice, organic lemonade and green smoothies this week to get myself back on track. And then Christmas gets here.


  1. Love your blog. It's a great inspiration. I have been 95% raw since Aug 31st. Never did I think I would feel this good and that my body would change.
    My best,

  2. Thanks Frannie. I appreciate your compliment about my blog.

    It IS hard to believe sometimes how amazing you feel on raw food, isn't it?! When I was 100% raw for almost 3 years, I felt better than EVER ... even my teens and twenties couldn't touch how RAWESOME I felt in my late 40's. =)
    To life! Yeah baby!
    Victoria =D

  3. Your green healing tonic sounds wonderful!

  4. Thanks Kristen. I posted another one today.