Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where do you get your protein?

Without fail, whenever I mention that I'm a raw vegan, I get asked this question. The fact that we "need" protein is a myth. What we need is Amino Acids in the form of Enzymes!

Proteins, once they are broken down, turn into amino acids. It takes a lot of energy for our body to break down proteins in order to turn them into amino acids.

By consuming a plant based diet, we are consuming amino acids and living enzymes (a complex chains of amino acids). Our body immediately assimilates amino acids and enzymes.

Therefore, it is much more efficient to eat a plant based diet and get the amino acids and enzmes directly without taxing our body to break down proteins to get to the same end result.

We don't need proteins. We need amino acids. Everything we eat that is not cooked is full of amino acids. In other words, LIVE food is full of life ... living enzymes, thus amino acids.

When I ate the Standard American Diet, I had allergies, asthma, high cholesterol, hypoglycemia, no energy, and a host of other problems.
When I ate a 100% raw vegan diet, I had excellent health, tons of energy, and the results of my complete physical were outstanding. The doctor even commented on the fact that my blood panel results were excellent and told me to "keep up whatever you are doing."

So, with that said ... go eat a peach!


  1. Hi I love your post and wondering how your doing now?? I know how you can fall back into old patterns. I am just now trying to start again drinking my green smoothies. It is making a huge difference. It is one day at a time and over time your body craves the living foods.

  2. Hi TJyl,
    I'm still doing quite well. I do have occasional days that are 50% raw, but most days I range anywhere from 85-100% raw. I'll do an update post soon. Thanks for asking!