Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yummy "Ooops" Smoothie

I found this recipe for a Raw Iced Mochachino that looked really good, but I was missing one of the ingredients. Hoping it wouldn't matter, I proceeded anyway. YUCK!!

I HATE wasting food, so I decided to keep adding ingredients to see if I could save the drink. The end result is being named the Yummy Oops Smoothie! My step-daughter and her friend LOVED it! They said it was delicious. So ... SUCCESS! Yay!! It tastes like a chocolate smoothie, but better.

Here's the recipe. =D

2 cups of coconut milk (which I made by blending 3 cups of water with the meat and water of one young coconut, and then straining through a nut bag.)
3+ TBSP of cacao powder
1 TBSP of maca powder
1 TBSP of mesquite powder
1/2 TBSP of raw cacao nibs
1 vanilla bean
3+ TBSP of agave nectar (approx.)
dash cinnamon
2 frozen bananas
2 cups ice

Blend and serve. And this was the end result!

Coming up ... I found a quicker and easier way to sprout sprouts!


  1. Morning…sorry I can’t fine your name anywhere on you blog…so I guess I’ll just call you Mrs. Rawesome for now. Ha-ha. I’, m really looking into eating raw, and have slowly started changing my diet to a more vegetarian diet…I’m a big meat eater right now. As of now I’m eating some cooked and some raw fruits and vegetables and slowly cutting out all meat. My problem right now is I live in a very small town, and our health food stores are only ok, so I guess I will have to get some of my food from the web. Your new drink for instance has so many ingredients that I’m not even sure you can even get around here…where do you do your shopping? I’ve noticed a lot of raw recipe are the same. Great blog by the way thanks for all the information.
    Big Al