Monday, February 4, 2013

"Freebasing Mother Nature!"

The juice fast ended on January 28th; however, I did not achieve the desired health results that I was expecting.  Apparently my immune system is really out of whack (consequences of cheating on my diet) so the healing process is going to take longer than I'd hoped. I have decided to continue juicing, but since I'm down to 114 pounds, I am allowing myself to indulge on eggs in the morning for breakfast (omelet or scrambled veggie mash), hoping that I do not lose any more weight.  Besides, I love me some fresh, organic, free-range eggs and it was tough going three weeks without.

Aren't they just eggceptional! 

And here are they lovely ladies who delivered them!
Thank you my chickadees!

Okay, so getting back on topic ... I watched an awesome documentary titled Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead created by Joe Cross, an Aussie who was fat, sick and nearly dead! It was very inspiring, and the motivating force behind my decision to pursue another 3-4 weeks.

Joe Cross not only made the movie about his transformation through juicing, but he also has a website - Reboot With Joe - that has tons of awesome recipes. God bless him!! I love trying new recipes!

I highly recommend watching the documentary.  It's funny, interesting, educational and motivating!   As a matter of fact, it was Joe Cross who made the comment in his film that juicing is like "freebasing Mother Nature!"  HA HA HA HA!!  That phrase SO cracked me up.  There are a lot of humorous moments in the film.  Watch it!  You won't be sorry.  It may change your life!  =D

Speaking of juicing, check out this photo of pure rawesomeness!

Isn't that just too cool!?  If I remember correctly, this was spinach and pineapple juice. I love the way it splits into three shades of green. Even after blending it up by shaking, after letting it sit about 20 minutes, it reverts back to the three shades. Such fun and oh so delicious ... and healthy!  I especially love when people say, "WHAT are you drinking?!"  My response is usually, "Pond scum."  LOL!!!

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