Friday, January 30, 2009

A New Year ... A New Beginning

Okay, I've procrastinated long enough. The holidays are over and it is now time to get myself back in shape. I turned 50 in January and I look and feel every bit of it, whereas, two years ago, no one believed I was even in my 30's!! I've come a long way baby ... and not in a good way. This photo was taken 2-16-2007. I weighed somewhere around 110# and was still very active. >>>>>>

Since reverting back to "SAD" (Standard American Diet), I really feel sad. Here are just some of the negative aspects that have accompanied my shift back to eating cooked food:

Weight gain of 45 pounds
Feel heavy, weighed down like lead
Eye sight deteriorated
Eyes dull
Hair lackluster, dried out, doesn’t shine
Skin looks awful (lumpy, sallow)
Facial wrinkles increasing (Aging rapidly!)
Nails split and skin around nails peel
Need lots more sleep – still groggy after 8 hours of sleep
Cellulite abounds
Hot flashes started
Muscle mass and strength gone
Memory is not what is used to be (have to write everything down)
Low self-esteem
Trouble swallowing – when starchy foods get to esophagus, it feels like it gets stuck and I experience extreme pain as the food very slowly makes it way down. If I try to drink something, it makes it worse.
Acid reflux
Skin thinning out with a Crepe-like appearance
Irritated gums
Senses dulled (hearing, smell, taste)
Thinking muddled
Joint pain
Always hungry – constantly craving more cooked food.

This is just a partial list and as you can see, none of it is good.

I dread adding the pictures of what I look like now, because I’m so ashamed that I allowed myself to fall into such poor condition, especially since I know better! I weigh more now that I ever have in my life, even while carrying my first son who was a 10 pound baby! But, if nothing else, this will show how detrimental cooked food and lack of exercise can be. The following photos and measurement were taken 01-30-2009

Below is a timeline of full-body shots from way before cooked food to raw to now.

Below is a timeline of facial shots showing how my face changes between SAD and RAW.

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